Package Policies for Cities, Townships, Boroughs

and the like including selected Special Districts

Our preferred carrier offers:

  • PROPERTY – Comprehensive replacement cost form including 50 coverage extensions designed to provide exceptional protection against loss to buildings and other types of property
  • INLAND MARINE - Broad replacement cost coverage for owned contractor’s equipment and tools
  • GENERAL LIABILITY - Coverage form designed with public entities in mind
  • BUSINESS AUTO - Enhanced ISO-based form including Public Entity Fleet Coverage Endorsement, limited endorsement process for schedule changes, and agreed value coverage for certain emergency vehicle types
  • UMBRELLA/EXCESS - Combined umbrella and follow form excess coverage with separate aggregate limit towers for each underlying policy
  • PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EMPOLYMENT PRACTICES - Claims made coverage form with defense outside limits which includes traditional core features plus a long list cutting-edge enhancements required of modern POL/EPL policies
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT/POLICE PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY- Traditional coverage form with defense outside limits designed to provide broad protection to public entities in their function as a law enforcement agency