Public Official & Employment Practices Liability

Professional Liability Insurance for Governmental Subdivisions
Download the application.
  • Track record and proven strategies for securing quotes for the most challenging accounts.
  • Solutions from a variety of national programs
  • Risk appetites and capabilities vary by carrier
  • Limits available up to $5,000,000 (or more) and will vary by carrier
  • Deductibles starting at $1,000
  • Premiums typically start at $2,000 and will vary by carrier
  • Solutions for pools and purchasing groups

Typical risks include but not limited to the following:

  • City
  • Township
  • Borough
  • Village
  • County

Special Service Districts including but not limited to:

  • Water Authority
  • Sewer Authority
  • Transit Authority
  • Gas Authority
  • Finance Authority
  • Airport Authority
  • Council of Government (COG)
  • Electric Authority
  • Housing Authority
  • Redevelopment Authority
  • Industrial Development Authority
  • Recreation Authority
  • ABC Boards
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Flood Control Authority
  • Arena / Stadium Authority
  • Solid Waste Authority

The application form provided is generic in nature. Along with loss runs and other required underwriting information, it should serve to secure indications of cost from a variety of insurers.
Each insurer may, and usually does, require its own completed, signed and dated application to bind coverage.